How to estimate the quantities of masonry works

In a Masonry work, the cement and delicate aggregates devoid of any coarse aggregates are applied for constructing a structure. There exist various types of masonry work:

1. Brick Masonry
2. Concrete block / brick masonry
3. Stone / rubble masonry
4. Clay tiles, etc.

Masonry works like brick masonry, concrete block, stone or rubble masonry are usually estimated with volume, but in some cases these are computed with regard to area where the thickness of masonry is confined to single brick or single block. Tiling is estimated in area.

To estimate the quantities of masonry work, the wastage of materials like bricks, cement or sand as well as the types and classes of bricks, blocks or tiles are not considered. All types of masonry works are calculated individually into categories to estimate the perfect cost of construction on the basis of its price.

To estimate masonry works, the guidelines given below should be maintained:-

1. Masonry is computed as “net in place” containing deductions for openings like doors, windows, ventilation etc.
2. Various shapes of masonry units are individually estimated which range from rectangular, circular etc.
3. Masonry at various heights is estimated individually as masonry at greater elevation from ground may need scaffolding and hoisting.
4. Masonry work is estimated independently in the following diverse: a. Facings, b. Backing to facings, c. Walls and partitions, d. Furring to walls, e. Fire protection

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