How To Examine The Quality Of Building Materials In The Jobsite

Brick, cement, sand and stone chips are considered as the most vital construction materials which are generally found in all types of Civil engineering construction ranging from brickwork to floor finishing.

So, an accurate quality control should be initiated in every phase specifically at the initial phase where it is essential to choose proper materials for a construction type. In order to determine the quality (if the any material is good or worst) of the primary construction materials like Brick, Cement, Sand and Stone Chips, the materials should be examined visually through jobsite test.

Verification of Brick :-

The following field tests are necessary to decide whether a Brick is good or not:-
1. A good brick must contain perfect shape and customary specified size, the edges of the brick should be sharp, the brick should be free from any cracks and fissures.
2. The brick should be colored with copper red color. A yellowish shade on brick denotes that it is going through burning process and therefore contains inferior strength. If a brick is made of dark blackish blue color then it denotes the brick is burnt excessively and is breakable in nature.
3. When a brick is collided with a hammer or against another brick, there should be a clear metallic ringing sound that indicates that it is not dull.

4. A newly broken brick should display a standardized compact structure devoid of containing any lumps.
5. If a brick is fallen from about a height of 1m on a solid ground or on another brick, it should not break.
6. If a brick is dented with finger nail it should not provide any mark on the brick.
7. A perfect quality brick (1st Class) should not consume water by not over 20% of its own Dry weight when submerged in water for a period of 24 Hours.

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How to examine the quality of building materials in the jobsite