How To Lay Brick and Mix Cement Efficiently to Develop A Brick Wall

Get some useful construction tips on how to lay bricks and mix cement for a brickwall. To start the construction work from scratch, you require some good construction tools. Given below the detailed lists of construction tools :
• A brick trowel
• A spirit level
• A jointing bar
• A tape measure
• Line and pins
• A soft brush

Next you should learn how to mix cement.

Mixing cement is the most vital part of the construction processes. Ensure that you don't keep it too wet or too dry for utilization. The work must be based on a ratio basis. You can mix in the ratio of 4:1 (4 part sand to 1 part water) or 3:1 (3 part sand to 1 part water). But remember, once you set the ratio, it should be maintained until the work is completed otherwise the mortar will be drying in various shades./p>

If you can arrange a cement mixer then the mixing can be done smoothly. To start the mixing process, you will require the following items:
• Building Sand
• Cement
• Water
• Feb (Mortar additive)

Given below the stepwise processes for mixing mortar in a cement mixer:

• Load a bucket with water and include two sachets of feb. Use approximately a quarter of it into the mixer and turn it on.
• Keep the water and the feb to rotate for about 30 secs. Then include your first 3 shovels of sand (4 if the ratio is 4:1) Keep it to blend with the water and feb for some time.
• When the sand has developed a steady mixture (apply more water if it hasn't) and then include your shovel containing full of cement. Let it to be blended for some time and recur the step unless your mixer is packed. Include more water if required.‪

N.B.: Do not include water excessively. Initially, keep close eye on mixing process. It may appear too rigid but it frequently requires time to spin. If it still isn't appearing to be perfect then include little water at a time.

Mixing manually
• Ensure you contain an expansive wooden board for mixing. You should require it.
• Tip your 3 sand and 1 cement onto the board and blend simultaneously dry with the shovel.
• Make a hole in the middle of your sand so it appears to be a volcano.
• Add the water and feb from the bucket and blend it completely again.
• Recur these methods unless you obtain as much Mortar as per your requirement.


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