How to place stirrups with proper structural drawings in a column

This construction video is recorded on the topic of how to organize stirrups for a column that contains 12nos of vertical bar. Learn to apply various structural drawings for organizing stirrups.

Stirrup can be defined as follows :-

1. A reinforcement useful for withstanding shear and diagonal tension stresses in a concrete structural member.

2. A steel bar that is curved into a "U" or box shape and arranged perpendicular to, or at an angle to the longitudinal reinforcement, and perfectly anchored.

3. Lateral reinforcement that is developed with separate units, open or closed, or of uninterruptedly wound reinforcement. The word stirrups is generally used with lateral reinforcement in flexural members and the term is linked with lateral reinforcement in vertical compression members.

Concrete beams contain different depth. If the beam contains more depth, the shear strength will be increased. If the depth is insufficient, steel stirrups should be included to enhance the shear strength of the beam. These stirrups generally refer to one piece of steel that is curved into a quadrilateral shape. Generally small diameter steel like #3 and #4 rebar is applied. The stirrup normally covers around the bottom and top bars of the beams.

As the stirrup is built up from two pieces having insufficient lap splice, it is recommended to set up a stirrup simultaneously when the horizontal reinforcement is being set up.

How to place stirrups with proper structural drawings in a column