How to plan for a bridge construction with sequence & steps of planning

While going to make proper plan for bridge construction, it is necessary to take into consideration various social, scientific and technological dimensions for bridge construction.

Three Dimensions of Planning for Bridge Construction
Three dimensions are essential for planning of any enormous project like a bridge. It will be the primary stage en route for the planning of structures. The three dimensions range from Scientific Dimension, Social Dimension, Technological Dimension.

Scientific Dimensions for Bridge Construction.
Each developed structure will operate on the basis of some specific laws for nature. Scientists describe these natural forms and the subsistence of these laws by applying specific inter-relations among certain constituents.

In one or the other form, the scientists or the engineers employ pre-existing technologies in nature that the only dissimilarity is the process to be applied by them.

Different types of scientific developments are created by the engineers on the basis of various factors like conveying dissimilar alternative materials through chemical analysis, physics – to perceive and assess the dynamic behavior of the structure; Mathematics – Applied to assess and decide the forces and the stresses. Therefore, well organized structures are constructed by applying the scientific dimension.

Technological Dimensions for Bridge Construction
Several technological advancements took place over decades concerning new structures, construction process and materials, as a good substitute for rare ones and in getting new machinery that functions over human workers.

This technology played an important role in conveying and improving alternatives in the bridge construction. Now glass fibers, carbon fibers etc. are applied in the construction works in spite of bricks, steel, cement etc.

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How to plan for a bridge construction with sequence & steps of planning