How To Resolve Wood Fencing Damage Due To Rot

The following construction video offers some good construction tips on management of wood fence construction and how proper maintenance of wood fence can significantly reduces the costs for home repair. The video also highlights how wood fence construction is affected with rot due to moisture & water and collapsed easily. If you can sort out these problems easily, the life of your wood fence will be expanded greatly. Other reasons for damage may range from severe weather (like rainfall, snowstorms, heavy wind, or salt air), damage from vehicles or devastation, and insect incursion.

Some useful tips for installation
If you are going to set up a wood fence, ensure that the lumber is sufficiently dried to prevent warping. Apply pressure-treated wood (particularly for posts, which are uncovered to high levels of moisture in the soil) or naturally moisture-defiant hardwoods like cedar. A special finish, like stain or paint, will be essential to safeguard the above-ground structure. Refrain from using galvanized nails if you’re close on a body of salt water. Set up fence posts not less than 3 feet deep, with tops cut at an angle, to facilitate them to cast off precipitation.


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