How To Set Up Wood Fence With Posts And Pickets

This construction video provides some useful construction tips for setting up wood fence along with posts and pickets.

At first dig holes for the component fence, then arrange the posts. Initially compute the posts and trim as per length. Prior to placing the posts, include gravel for drainage. Adheres to local building codes to get the exact amount required. Now organize the posts in proper position, insert concrete and water. Fill to roughly 2'' from the surface.

As soon as the concrete is dried, and the posts are securely in position, set the stringers or rails. Arrange one rail for about each 2' of post height. Affix the rails to the outer side of the posts on the bottom, middle and top by screws. Ensure that the rails are leveled with your posts.

Once the rails are installed, finally set up the pickets. Affix the boards through a nail gun to every rail. The pickets should remain right next to each other. Verify to ensure that the pickets are level. For edges, overlay the pickets for a clear and uniform corner.


How to set up Wood Fence with posts and pickets