How to use Mohr?s Circle to find out shear stresses & principal stresses

This construction video tutorial is based on Mohr's Circle Maximum Shear Stress & Principal Stresses SOM.

Christian Otto Mohr, a renowned civil engineer, has developed Mohr Circle. This exclusive graphical method can be used by designer to find out principal stresses.

Mohr Circle stands for a two-dimensional graphical illustration concerning the transformation law toward the Cauchy stress tensor.

Mohr's circle reveals the principal angles (orientations) concerning the principal stresses devoid of plugging an angle into stress transformation equations. It proceeds with a stress or strain element in the XY plane, builds a grid with a normal stress on the horizontal axis as well as a shear stress on the vertical.

This graphical representation is very valuable as it facilitates you to foresee the relationships among the normal and shear stresses operating on different inclined planes at a point in a stressed body.

Mohr?s Circle is used to measure principal stresses, maximum shear stresses as well as stresses on inclined planes.


Video Credit : Ujjwal Kumar Sen


How to use Mohr?s Circle