Importance of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in Construction

With the emergence of Augmented reality (AR) technology, the process for designing and constructing a building is changed significantly.

AR is the latest technology that forms a compound view of real world atmospheres, overlaying an image produced through the user’s own real world view.

If AR applications are integrated with a smart device or wearable technology, it can generate a real scale 3D model of a building or particular room combined with your environments.

AR also facilitates the construction teams and consultants to significantly enhance the understanding of design discrepancies, outstanding tasks, safety issues, imperfect works and numerous other site-related variables.

If virtual reality allows the designers to visualize the appearance of a structure on a screen, AR leverages the real world to facilitate the user to perfectly preview how all the diverse areas of a plan organized together.

So, it becomes easier to detect conflict in design before the development of actual construction. Huge time is saved and risk is minimized. Therefore, the profitability of project is increased.

All the activities associated with construction site, which range from accomplishing and appraising a defect as well as notifying everyone of a safety issue, can be recorded and carried in a real world setting.

AR not only enhances the usability of site-related data, but also facilitate a uninterrupted user interaction and collaborative efforts in real-time.

As AR and GPS technology become superior, go into a construction site every day and being guided to the location of your outstanding tasks become possible.

Construction management platforms offer a superior level of collaboration amid all project stakeholders and this type of real time control can accomplish tasks more speedily.

By linking defects management functionality with AR elements, the process for recording, allocating and handling defects will be changed significantly.

With AR, a user can formulate and allocate real time data at the time of walking around a construction site, and generate tags noticeable to other users.

One can walk into a room through smart glasses and view all of the outstanding issues associated with that room by viewing AR tags. This will significantly improve the project quality and also the consciousness of possible safety concerns.

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Importance of augmented reality (AR) technology in construction