Some useful tips for machine foundation design

Before starting the detailing work for foundations, the following general needs concerning machine foundations should be fulfilled and the results should be verified.

1. The foundation should have contained the capacity to bear the superimposed loads devoid of producing shear or crushing failure.

2. The settlements should have been inside the allowable limits.

3. The amalgamated centre of gravity of machine and foundation should have been maintained in the equivalent vertical line like the centre of gravity of the base plane.

4. There should have been no resonance, therefore the normal frequency of the foundation–soil system should have been either too big or too small with regard to the operating frequency of the machine. Toward low-speed machines, the natural frequency should have been high.

5. The amplitudes under service conditions should be maintained under allowable limits which are recommended by the machine manufacturers.

6. All rotational and correlating parts of a machine should be well-adjusted efficiently with the purpose of reducing the unbalanced forces or moments.

7. If necessary, the foundation should be planned in an efficient way with the intention of allowing a consequent adjustment of natural frequency by adjusting the base area or form of the foundation as may be essential afterward.

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Some useful tips for machine foundation design