Different methods to strengthen the masonry walls

Strengthening of masonry walls is required to prevent failure and collapse during major earthquake or addition of extra load on buildings. Strengthening of masonry walls also may be required during rehabilitation of buildings.

Due to severe earthquake or inclusion of additional weight on buildings, the building may fall or collapse. To get rid of this type of issue, the masonry walls should be reinforced perfectly. Reinforcing of masonry walls is also needed throughout rehabilitation of buildings.

Unreinforced masonry walls contain sufficient compressive strength, but they are breakable and very fragile under the influence of lateral loads which lead to tension in walls. On every occasion, tension forces operate on a masonry wall, it has a tendency for being cracked.

Cracking of masonry walls happen because of foundation settlement, all through earthquakes, employment of lateral loads. Cracking for masonry wall may occur for different reasons but these can lead to collapse of wall entirely.

Under load bearing masonry buildings, loads from the building is delivered through walls and failure and collapse of such masonry walls can result in collapsing of the entire building.

For reinforced concrete framed structures, though loads are delivered through columns, but if any earthquake occurs, these walls may develop cracks and fall.

Generally half brick thick masonry walls are applied as partitions in the interior of RC framed buildings. These half brick masonry walls are insecure to withstand the lateral forces throughout earthquake. Beyond plane strengthening of partitions can be accumulated jointly with lateral strengthening of building by arranging reinforced concrete jackets to the partitions.

To resist the collapsing of masonry walls throughout earthquake, it is recommended to utilize reinforced brick masonry walls in new construction. Prevailing masonry walls are also reinforced with the use of reinforced concrete jackets on one or both sides of the walls.

Masonry Wall Strengthening Process:

The following processes are applied to strengthen Masonry walls:

1. Arranging reinforced concrete jackets on one or both faces of walls.

2. Apply FRP Structural Repointing for strengthening of masonry walls.

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Different methods to strengthen the masonry walls