Precast Concrete Advantages

In Precast concrete, a concrete member is casted and cured in a recyclable mold or "form" under a controlled environment and transmitted to the construction jobsite and elevated into place. On the other hand, the standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site.

Precast concrete provides the following benefits :-

1. The precast concrete is developed with advanced quality concrete with greater technical control on the production of concrete in factory.

2. The material of precast concrete contains essential properties of thermal inertia (facilitating a more persistent temperature both in cold and hot regions) and acoustic insulation

3. The thermal mass indigenous to precast concrete makes itself energy efficient and minimizes the heating and cooling peaks and loads

4. Pre-stressing can be done smoothly to diminish the size and number of the structural members.

5. It is not mandatory to have joints in the precast construction.

6. Precast concrete structures are totally reusable and reduce the whole life cycle impact on the environment

7. Precast Concrete is completely safe to withstand impacts, blasts and natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and floods.

8. Precast Concrete is developed with natural raw materials likw stones, gravels, sand, cement and these materials are accessible to almost everywhere and in a bulk quantity

9. The moulds used for generating the precast units are made of steel containing perfect dimension in all directions. These moulds are long-lasting and can be utilized repeatedly.

10. If necessary, the precast structures can be easily separated and can be used aptly anywhere.

11. Get rid of carrying and accumulating different types of concrete components for cast in situ work while selecting precast members.

12. Various precast units can save huge time for completing a construction quickly.

13. While setting up precast structures, the amount of scaffolding and formwork is significantly minimized.

Precast Concrete Advantages