Overview of Peikko DSA Punching Reinforcement System for Cast-in-Place Concrete

This construction video tutorial provides the demonstration Peikko DSA Punching Reinforcement. It belongs to a Transverse Reinforcement System for Cast-in-Place Concrete. It is specifically designed to improve the strength of punching shear concerning elevated concrete slabs and slabs on grade devoid of raising their thickness.

DSA rails consist of steel double-headed DSA Studs welded to a steel shape. The steel shape ensures the exact spacing and placing of the studs throughout their set up in concrete as per ASTM-A1044 standard. It should be used for both top and bottom installation.

Peikko DSA Punching Reinforcement offers an easy and consistent solution toward punching and shear failure which may happen in elevated concrete slabs, slabs on grade and footings.

If DSA Punching Reinforcement is applied in elevated slabs like reinforced concrete slabs or post-tensioned slabs, DSA Punching Reinforcement system disregards the requirement for column capitals. Therefore, forming and concrete costs are minimized significantly.

DSA reinforced cast-in-place elevated slabs are designed slimmer to minimize the entire construction height. It leads to huge savings in construction and running costs. The DSA system also provides a ceiling with uninterrupted clearance facilitating adaptability and simplicity of planning and installation of building services.

The fabrication process for DSA studs is done with low carbon steel grades C1010 through C1020. DSA Punching Reinforcement system adheres to the standard speciļ¬cation for steel stud assemblies for the shear reinforcement of concrete ASTM A-1044. It should be designed according to ACI 318-14 and CSA A23.3-14 which make it relevant in North America and Middle East.

Punching Reinforcement systems are also employed in foundations to curtail the thickness of footings, pile caps and slabs on grade. Other applications range from DSA rails are utilized as shear reinforcement in beams, walls and other concrete elements.

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Overview of Peikko DSA Punching Reinforcement System for Cast-in-Place Concrete