How to analyze rates for a PCC work with spreadsheet

Parag Pal, the most promising civil engineer, has provided some useful tips for making rate analysis concerning plain cement concrete (PCC) through an excel based spreadsheet.

P.C.C alias plain cement concreate is a useful construction material that is formed by mixing in proportion of the cement (usually portland cement), aggregate (coarse or fine ),sand and water. It is normally utilized like a binding material. Pcc is robust in compression but feeble in the tension and shear. It is mostly found in foundation work and flooring in building.

PCC is mainly used for following purposes

1. It is applied like a protective layer for the RCC above to facilitate water from the RCC not being immersed by the earth below.
2. Arranges a base for the concrete as well as facilitates the workers to set out the structure above in an efficient manner
3. Performs as a cover to reinforced cement concrete i.e. protect against corrosion of steel bars in footings

Each construction project is allocated into number of activities. Each activity contains various types of civil or construction works. Rate analysis is necessary for removing cost of construction, material planning, labour and equipment allocation in the scheduling etc.

You can’t download the spreadsheet but make necessary modification in the spreadsheet online as per your database. Only the figure in given in red color can be changed and the result will be reflected to all the cells.

To avail the spreadsheet, click on the following link.

How to analyze rates for a PCC work with spreadsheet