Ring 3.0 – A powerful software for bridge analysis and masonry design

LimitState Ltd has developed RING, a powerful construction program for bridge analysis and masonry design.

The most updated version is RING 3.0. The newest version can be used for analyzing masonry arch bridges. The software is mostly suitable for structural engineers.

The software provides the following advantages :-

• Analyze single or multi-span bridges without having fixed upper limit on the permissible number of spans
• Automatically determine the critical failure mode although:
o only a single span is associated
o sliding is involved
modelling multi-ring arch bridges
• Determine and resolve numerous multiple load cases
• Automatically find out 'passive' pressures - analyze deep and multi-span arch issues with ease
• Model the presence of arch backing material
• User-friendly wizard system facilitate simple and rapid model definition
• Modern, uncomplicated interface supported with an collaborating modeling environment

• Extensive library comprises of standard road and rail vehicles
• Property editor facilitates fast querying and adjustment of model properties
• 3D graphical output for superior perception
• Automatic report creation

• User-accountable arch and backfill profiles
• User-accountable separate block weights, masonry strength, mortar loss etc.

To download the software click on the following link www.limitstate.com

Ring 3.0 – A powerful software for bridge analysis and masonry design