An effective road paving method to construction a long-lasting road or walkway

This construction video focuses on some exclusive process for efficient road paving. Road pavement belongs to the long lasting surface material set on an area projected for defending sustain vehicular or foot traffic, like road or walkway.

Now-a-days asphalt or concrete become very popular to set on a compacted base course. Permeable paving methods are also undertaken in recent times toward low-impact roadways and walkways.

There are various types of road pavements which range from Asphalt, Concrete, Composite Pavement, Recycling, Bituminous surface, Gravel Surface, Other Surfaces like Brick, cobblestone, sett, wood plank, and wood block.

Asphalt pavement is most popular all through the globe. Under this method a paving team is formed. The trucker driver is considered as the first person in the paving team who fulfils the asphalt into the paver's hopper.

Two individual conveyors together transmit the material via the machine to the backside, where it is allocated consistently amid paver and screed through two separately controlled rotating screw conveyors. While paving a standard mix, the temperature must be over 110 °C to arrange adequate time for compaction.


Road Paving