Soil Reinforcement And It’s Application

This construction article is based on a B.Tech thesis for Civil Engineers. The article focuses on Soil Reinforcement Method and its application mainly the study of the behavior of centrally loaded strip foundation on multi layered geo-grid reinforced sand bed.

Soil Reinforcement refers to a robust and reliable method for improving the quality and strength of soil.

The hardened soil or mechanically arranged earth is a solid soil fill, reinforced with the study of pliable components like geogrids, geotextiles, metal bars and strips. It is currently developed in big development industry for building the structures like holding dividers, banks over delicate soil, steep inclines and so on.

The reinforced soil belongs to the soil in which its engineering behavior is enhanced by delivering the metallic, synthetic or geogrids.

The provision of geogrid reinforcement renders anisotropic mechanical properties, improve stiffness, tensile strengths as well as bearing capacity to the foundation soil.

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Soil Reinforcement and it’s application