Some Essential Steps To Construct A Wafflemat Foundation

This is a 3d animated construction video based on a Wafflemat foundation. In this video, you will be familiar with six easy to follow steps for developing the foundation from clearing the pad to installing the separate Waffleboxes, to pouring the concrete and eliminating the form boards.

Wafflemat is one of the most recognized concrete foundation forming system useful for residential and light commercial space. This system is applicable for expansive soil as well as other soil types with superior slab hardness.

Wafflemat forms a pattern of deep voids on the underneath of concrete foundation slabs. Waffleboxes are used to develop the voids. Waffleboxes are created with reprocessed plastic. Concrete is poured over the Waffleboxes to construct the slab as well as a set of narrow beams in two directions among the Waffleboxes. The beams contain center-to-center dimensions that remain within 4’-2”. The beams directly provide support to the foundation on the soil. They produce a very inflexible foundation slab.

In order to develop a Wafflemat foundation, a clean and level pad is necessary, as the system sets directly on grade. No need of pre-soaking.

Note: Foundations which are formed with the Wafflemat system, should be designed with a licensed Civil or Structural engineer having good knowledge in the design of concrete foundations on expansive soil, through soil test data submitted by a licensed Geotechnical engineer.


Some essential steps to construct a Wafflemat Foundation