Spectrum Construction Software Is A Useful Cloud Based Construction Program For Small & Large Construction Companies

Spectrum Construction Software is a cloud based construction program that offers complete web-based business management solution toward small & large construction companies. This construction program is useful for construction accounting to project management, from the office to the job site, and over the whole life cycle of construction any construction project. Thus, Spectrum facilitates numerous clients to control as well as expand their contracting businesses.

There is an image pane within the Spectrum desktop that allows you to obtain documents or images related to your project from any location. View purchase orders, contracts, submittals, work orders, RFIs, job site photos and virtually access any type of file related to your task instantly. Insert a new document or image as well as drag and drop the file on the image pane.

The Spectrum Dashboard performs like a portal of adequate information for all the project stakeholders. The dashboard of a single person is tailor-made through apps to accommodate the assigned job. There are extensive lists of apps and tools accessible to the users for developing their own.

Spectrum applications and mobile apps are fully combined which provide you a complete view of your projects. Various Metrics like Work In Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing and Earned Revenue can be accessed through a single screen. Spectrum also facilitates the owners, architects, subcontractors, vendors associated with a project, to obtain all the updated information. The Project Management Plan Room within Spectrum offers a cloud-based platform to distribute documents, send, receive and trace communications, as well as sustain an audit trail of all project activity and correspondence.


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Cloud Based Construction Project Management Software