Stability And Determinacy Of Trusses

The following construction video tutorial will provide brief synopsis of stability and determinacy of trusses. The initial step in examining a truss is to define if the truss is stable or unstable.

Stability Of Trusses
A truss is called stable when loads are implemented on it, truss sustains its position and configuration and when loads are detached, it returns back to primary position.

The truss members which are not stable goes through inflexible body motion and once the loads are detached they don’t return back to their original position. Besides, it does not meet equilibrium position in every loading case.

Process for checking Stability
A stable truss will meet all three equilibrium conditions. In order to verify the strength of a structure, all equilibrium conditions must be examined for probable loading cases.

Contrariwise, it is assumed that a truss will become unstable, when a single equation is not fulfilled.

Stability And Determinacy Of Trusses