How to tie reinforcement bar with binding wire

This construction video shows the detailed guidelines on how to tie reinforcement bar with the use of binding wire.

Some useful tips :-

It is not required to tie reinforcing bars at each intersection because tying does not affect the strength of the finished structure. It is suggested to tie every fourth or fifth intersection.

While assembling reinforcing bars in position for slab reinforcing, generally with snap ties, the distance of ties is controlled with the bar size.

While assembling wall reinforcing bars in position, there should adequate gapping for ties to resist shifting of the bars as concrete is being arranged.

Toward preassembled mats, the adequate number of bar intersections must be tied so that the mats become inflexible enough for handling. If snap ties are applied, each bar intersection around the perimeter and alternative intersections inside the interior of the mat must be tied.


How to tie reinforcement bar with binding wire