Usefulness Of Reinforced Concrete Over Plain Concrete

R.C.C. denotes Reinforced Cement Concrete, and in recent times it is considered as the primary Constructional Material to be utilized for developing various structural parts. Previously, high rise buildings were constructed with Pure Steel Structure but with the use of R.C.C., it becomes easier to obtain superior strength economically to resist any powerful imposing loads on structure.

R.C.C. is formed with two main diverse components like Concrete and Reinforcement involving Steel.

Why reinforcement is necessary?
Because of bending of a structure, one side of the structure has Neutral Axis Compresses and the other side is tensed. So both Compressive Stress and Tensile Stress grow in the structure from the Neutral Axis in the direction of the Extreme Fiber i.e. the external face of the structure in a cumulative manner according to magnitude of the stresses. So the Structure contains both Compressive and Tensile Stresses in it.

A Concrete can withstand Compressive Stresses efficiently but it can’t resist Tensile Stresses very well and it can only defy a very minute Tensile Stress. Therefore, to safeguard a structure and keep it in working condition to bear the Design Loads, the structural material should have the capability to resist both Tensile and Compressive Stresses. But the Concrete is not so powerful to combat the Tensile stress, so some steps should be initiated to provide something which can bear the Tensile Stresses established in Concrete. To make it possible, the Structural Member like Column, Beam, Slab etc are not constructed with Plain Concrete rather than Reinforced with Steel implanted in it to bear the Tensile Stresses developed.

Why Steel is applied as Reinforcement?
Because of the variation of temperature, the Concrete stretches and shrinks. Therefore, the material applied for Reinforcing will also stretch and shrink caused by the variation of temperature on the basis of their co-efficient of volumetric expansion. If the change of Volume of Concrete and implanted Reinforcement will not contain the similar amount at the surface of contact amid Concrete and Reinforcement, various types of stresses will form which can create cracking in concrete and lead to collapsing of the structure. After thorough research, It is established that the Co-efficient of Expansion of Concrete and Steel is nearly same. So with the variation of temperature, no differential Stresses will form and there will no cracks as well as collapsing of the structure.


Usefulness of Reinforced Concrete over Plain Concrete