10 Important Building Materials used in Construction

The best quality of Building materials for construction depend upon how easily it can resolve an issue and its cost-effectiveness. These building materials can be classified into two types ? Natural and Man-made materials.

Natural building materials are gifted by the nature and are ready to use.

Man-made materials are artificially prepared to reach the expected desire.

Natural Building Materials are as follows:

1. Mud & Clay

It is the most historically significant material. Quality determines how effective it is. For example, the high presence of clay in soil signifies cob/adobe style, whereas low quantity resembles sod building.

2. Fabric

Over the years the Fabric has evolved from cotton and hemp, with modern developments to tensile architecture and synthetic fabrics. These are now really reliable and stronger evident from the modern architecture.

3. Rock

One of the oldest materials that have sustained the humans for ages, rocks is now a multi-purpose material. Highly dense material, it offers durability and big impact on the environment. Granite and Slate have been significantly used since the ancient days.

4. Thatch

One of the oldest known materials Thatch is often harvested through grass which is an excellent insulator. But it?s generally applied in industries. New Zealand is one country who is known to have used it with innovations.

5. Wood

Wood more appropriately Timber is a fibrous product achieved from tress. As it is environment-friendly it helps build constructions despite of natural calamities.

6. Ice

Ice is not considered by many as building material but in colder regions it can be very useful, as in interior decoration and even preventing from severe storms.

Man-made Materials are as follows:

7. Brick and Block

A Brick is like a block of a mixture of clay-shale heated together in a kiln. Clay is used on bricks to bring sturdiness and to consolidate. But In Modern Times they are made through extruding clay machines.

The benefits bricks bring after mud as the construction of a building are their sturdiness and affordable manufacturing.

8. Concrete

It is the material for the future and is most consumed after water that is how significant it is. The consistent innovations in concrete have opened various untouched opportunities for customized concrete.

9. Metal

Metal succeeds concrete in terms of lightweight and sturdiness. Effective controlling of corrosion can make metal the best situational building material.

10. Glass

Invented in 3600 BC Glass is not as new as we think it is. It is an excellent material prepared by heating Sand and Silicates at high temperature that led to the discovery of this magnificent material. Glass has been helping humans to prepare to see through windows along with decorative purposes.

10 Important Building Materials used in Construction