Most Popular Civil Engineering Companies In Australia

Civil engineers have to do the design and maintain the large scale structure like buildings, bridges, public stadiums, roads and highways. Due to this pandemic many companies can not hire any new applicants. However companies will be ready to hire talented engineers to pursue different projects when the pandemic calms down.

There are many civil engineering companies available in Australia. Best civil engineering companies are mentioned below.

ADCO Construction Company: This company is the oldest and most popular construction company in Australia. Now this company has now over 500 employees and this company already completed 3,500 projects. This company has achieved number one position in top 100 private companies.

The success of the company mainly depends upon the long distance relationship with the clients. Civil engineering students can apply to various posts from site manager to project manager.

BGC: This company was founded in 1960 and soon it expanded in various areas of construction industry like residential construction, civil construction contracting, property management. Over 2,000 people have already joined this company across western Australia.

Interested candidates can apply directly to the official page of this company. One can also choose to specialise like commercial construction, construction material, transport and many more.

Fulton Hogan: This company founded in 1933. Jules Fulton and Bob Hogan decided to start their own business. Over 7,800 people work in this company. Public and employees are partial owners of this company. This company already completed four concrete transportation projects and laboratory business.

This company has various staff jobs and employees would find many challenges. Civil engineering students can take advantage of graduate leadership programs and also choose to specialise in many areas like infrastructure services, finance, construction and utilities.

SMEC: SMEC and Surbana Jurong Group created a partnership company Named SMEC. 14,000 people work in this company. This company has worked in the construction industry for over 40 years. The first project of this company was the iconic snowy mountains hydroelectric scheme. This is the largest project in Australia.

After that in 2016 SMEC merged with Singaporean consulting company. Interested candidates can apply for the job to the official website of the company. The benefits of working in this company as a employee are flexible working arrangements, special career development planning, parental leave, and also corporate health plans.

John Holland: Tthis company founded in 1949 by the eponymous founder. This company specialized in property development and infrastructure, finding solutions to complex problems and to transform communities. This company already completed infrastructure projects like the EastLink project. This project was also awarded as a joint venture with Thiess.

Interested candidates also apply to the official website of the company. Recent graduates also get into the graduate program.

Hatch Australia: This is a global company and works in consulting fields in over 150 countries across the world. This company has four regional offices in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and Victoria in Australia.

This company also completed different projects like Gold mine in western Australia and the Fremantle Container Terminal. Both young and experienced candidates from the infrastructure and civil engineering industry can apply for different posts in this company.

Probuild: This company has a high standard in environment and construction projects. This company already completed many iconic projects such as seven17 Bourke building in Docklands, Victoria, and 443 Queen street in Brisbane.

Interested candidates who apply for the jobs in this company may get the chance to work in various projects such as retail destinations to six star hotels. Students also get a chance to participate in graduate programs.

Hutchinson Building: This is the largest privately owned company in Australia. This company was founded in 1912. It is also known as Hutchies. This company already completed many popular projects such as Miles Aerodrome. This project cost 4 million dollars and it also took 19 weeks to build. Another project is the Yeerongpilly Green. It is a community with landscape, inspired architecture and a laid-back charm.

CPB Contractors: This company worked in various construction projects across Australia over 70 years. CIMIC group owned this company and it works under the main company. Undergraduate and recent graduate students can participate in various programs which are arranged by this company.

This company also has a vacation program which runs during the holiday period of university. Students can take the opportunity to gain experience during the holiday period. 2 years graduate program also arranges for recent graduate students. This program helps students to build their career in many companies.

Wrap up

In this article we discussed what civil engineers generally do, various popular companies across Australia, iconic projects of these companies, cost, benefits, how to apply, qualification to get the job and many more.

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Most Popular Civil Engineering Companies In Australia
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