How to work out cutting length for column circular stirrups

This construction video is recorded to provide you some useful tips for estimating the cutting length of the circular column stirrups.

Here the radius of the column is taken as 400 mm.

Dia of stirrup is taken as 8 mm

Concrete Cover is taken as 40 mm

Stirrups are also known as Links or Rings or Transverse Reinforcement. Stirrups are applied in Beams and Columns. The stirrups remain vertical in a beam and horizontal in a column.

Benefits of column stirrups :
To settle and withstand the longitudinal (main) steel bars in columns to bulging below the vertical forces (compression force) particularly in the middle of the column prior to get to the concrete.

Increase the quantities (diameter or by spacing) of stirrups at both ends of the column with the intension of combating the horizontal forces which produce horizontal shear forces on both ends of the column.

Go through the following video, to get the detailed process.

Video Credit : Civil Engineers


How to Calculate Cutting Length Of Circular Stirrups