Revizto Streamlines Construction of Central London Hospital

During the past 20 years, construction companies in the UK have steadily expanded their operations in the building, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. Bouygues Construction in the UK has direct access to best practice information drawn from an exceptional back book of significant projects because it is a member of a large and multifaceted business.

The key challenge that the officials must overcome when working on the project is ensuring that the digital information management systems are appropriately configured for projects and that governance is aligned to fulfill the client's information needs.

In order to ensure accurate and efficient information sharing throughout the project teams, including the design team, they actively supervise the introduction of digital technologies to projects.

The authorities have also acknowledged that they independently assessed the entire project and were generally pleased with the outcomes. Let's now discuss further issues that the authorities encountered while building the Central London Hospital and how putting the Revitzo software in place helped.

How Revizto helped?

Efficient Management

Yet, the officials in charge of the building of Central London Hospital have been utilizing BIM tools to produce models for their future planning. Management employing BIM tools is guaranteed to fix many challenges.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a difficulty in that when this information is communicated, the models go in one direction while the drawings move in another, making it difficult to manage both ends at once.

The construction business had a lot of trouble managing the model's architectural, structural, MEP, and other problems. Additionally, coordinating the collision detection procedure from one tool to another was a big issue.

By bringing all the drawings and models together in one place, Revizto helped them manage issues more efficiently. It allowed them to identify problems quickly and respond to them before they became too costly. This improved the quality and speed of the project and helped them stay on budget.

Well-coordinated and distinct project

It takes time and requires great precision to obtain design approval from the design team, end users, and hospital users. Revizto helps us with this procedure.

From a design point of view, the intricacy of the MEP services for hospitals significantly transcends our ideas, especially when taking into consideration the challenges of dealing with medicinal gases or setting up backup systems in place.

As a result, the MEP coordination underwent extraordinary measures, and until the authorities began utilizing Revizto, addressing these problems was practically impossible.

The option to insert a sheet when non-model issues are created into the system is one of the main features that we enjoy about Revizto, according to the authorities utilizing it, since it means that you don't always need a model or drawing to generate an issue. It's a good idea to have a backup plan in place, especially if you're planning to travel.

The authorities have a model problem sheet that provides us with particular information about the models and how they are coordinated when all of those models are entered into Revizto, which is a significant advantage.

Economically well proven

Using Revizto software, the officials confirmed they have saved an impressive amount compared with other tools.

At the start of the project, Revizto was used for technical design, but now that the construction company understands its value, it's used throughout the entire construction process.

As the construction company has become more familiar with the software and its capabilities, they have come to realize that it can be used for more than just technical design. It can be utilized in all stages of construction, from planning to design to execution. This has allowed them to create more accurate plans and improve the efficiency of their construction projects.

Revizto significantly improves our team's understanding of the design, coordinating any issues, and getting a grip on the project. Revizto is used by the construction company to manage design issues and assist the teams in visualizing the site.

This has enabled the Construction Company to identify issues and make informed decisions quickly, reducing delays and costs for the construction project. It also ensures that the project is executed as per the design and meets the highest standards of quality.

About the new version of Revizto

Revizto version 5 is a true Integrated Collaboration Platform that was launched last year by the Revizto team with the fifth version of Revizto. Revizto 5 Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) creates a culture of collaboration across all trades from the very beginning of a project by allowing universal access to both 3D and 2D data.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Revizto

The ICP is designed to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D workflows, enabling users to access project data from any device or platform. It also provides an intuitive interface for project collaboration, allowing for faster decision-making and smoother project execution.

It also integrates with popular software such as BIM and CAD, allowing teams to work more efficiently. Revizto 5 ICP streamlines project workflows, enabling teams to collaborate more easily and effectively. It reduces the time and cost of projects and improves communication between stakeholders.

Revizto Streamlines Construction of Central London Hospital