How to apply SCIA engineer for effective steel structure modeling

This exclusive construction video will guide you to model steel structure in SCIA engineers. This construction video tutorial provides huge benefits to Civil as well as structural engineers.

SCIA Engineer is a consolidated, multi-material platform to be used for effective structural analysis and design of all sorts of projects.

The is applied for designing of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and steel-concrete composite structures together with inclusion of various international building codes. The software contains incorporated tools useful for modelling, data exchanging through third party applications (BIM), easy reporting and formation of drawings alias automated general arrangement drawings.

In SCIA Engineer version 15, there exist new Composite Floor Analysis Model that integrates user-controlled load distribution, easy definition and perfect FEM calculations on the basis of proper orthotropic properties of corrugated steel decks and concrete toppings.

Download Eurocodes in Scia Engineer - Design of steel structures


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