Techniques to Mark Foundation Area

Foundation is the component of the structure which connects the structure to the ground. It bears the loads which are transmitted through the structural system of the whole building.

Types of Foundation

Foundation has two types. One is shallow foundation and another one is deep foundation. Spread footings, isolated footings are the example of shallow foundation. Piles, pile walls, and caissons are the example of deep foundation.

Purpose of Foundation

1. Foundation holds the building up.
2. It bears the load of the whole building.

The Process of Foundation

Floor plan

Level: Nor part of the floor is higher than anyone.

Square: Walls are parallel and the length of the walls remain the same.

Plumb: There are 3 steps

1. Orientation of the building on the site.
2. Mark a simple outline of the building's foundation on the ground;
3. Place a batter board around the foundation outline and mark the position of the inside walls, doors, and windows on the boards.

First of all foundation marking is basically to mark an outline of the building?s foundation on the ground. Then the responsible person on the site places the batter boards around the outline and also marks the position point of doors, inside walls, and windows on the board.

The most important part of the foundation is to settle the base point of the foundation. A base line is started from the base point with a thread for settling the second point.

The formula to mark the foundation is Square Root (L2 + B2).

The mark is drawn for 4 feet from the first point. Now from this point a mark is drawn for 5 feet and also an arc is drawn. After that a measurement is created for 3 feet from the first point and an arc is drawn. After that the responsible person on the site places a point at the intersection part of both the arcs.

A thread has been laid from the first point with an approx. measurement of the intersection point of both the arcs and the third point is drawn. So, a L shaped figure is created for marking.

Now, the responsible person on the site has removed the intersection point for both the arcs. Again he or she takes a measurement for 10 feet with a measuring tape from the first point, and the point is fixed. From that point another measurement is taken for 10 feet. So, the total measuring area is 20 feet.

After that, a measurement is taken from the first point for 12 feet and a point is fixed. Now from this point a measurement is taken for 20 feet and a point is fixed. Atlast the complete measurement is 32 feet.

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To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

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Techniques to Mark Foundation Area