A Complete Guide to Vaulted Ceiling Types, Merits & Demerits

Vault ceilings are ceilings that are angled upwards toward the roof for a ceiling height that is usually eight to ten feet higher than flat ceilings. Modern architecture often incorporates vault ceilings because they allow for more light and can be incorporated into any design.

Dome Vaulted Ceiling

It is very popular to submerge a dome into a flat ceiling to create a domed ceiling. There are typically only a few tiles on the ceiling. When you try to increase the size of dome ceilings, they become more difficult to construct.

Crown molding adds a dramatic touch to the vaulted ceiling of the dome without increasing its size. It is not recommended to use these in bedrooms, but they are ideal for entryways or hallways.

Groin Vaulted Ceiling

Interlocking two-barrel vaults with the same dimensions and length are used for the groin vault ceiling. You can visualize vault ceilings easily in your head, but implementing them becomes more challenging.

A groove is the edge that forms between two vaults that intersect. There are times when vaults with groins have pointed arches, rather than round ones.

Grome Vaulted Ceiling

This ceiling will give your room a unique and enticing appearance. There are two different types of vault ceilings on this ceiling; a dome and a groin vault.

Igloo Vaulted Ceiling

The igloo vault ceiling, also called a lunette vault ceiling, is simply a barrel vault ceiling with arches cut out of it. You do not need to block the ceiling for windows and other things under these arches.

Fan Vaulted Ceiling

As with rib ceilings, fan vault ceilings consist of equal spacing of smaller ribs, giving the appearance of a fan. Ceilings with fan vaults support the beam throughout the length of the ceiling.

Cove Vaulted Ceiling

Vault ceilings are the perfect choice if you need an around corner ceiling. It can give your space a sleek, elegant look with rounded edges and corners by having a cove-style ceiling.

Rib Vaulted Ceiling

These vault ceilings resemble groin vaults, but they are made up of diagonal ribs, diagonal stripe patterns, and arched shape strips. Flexibility and structural durability are ensured by this method.

Barrel Vault Ceiling

A vaulted barrel ceiling is very simple in appearance; it is made up of just one arch, repeated throughout the room. If you want the room to be more appealing, you can decorate it in a fancy style, or leave it as is if you want it to be elegant and stylish.

The barrel vault creates the impression that you are in a tunnel, which is great for hallways. Furthermore, they are ideal for foyers and media rooms.

Pitched Brick Vaulted Ceiling

An old style pitched brick vault ceiling gives your ceiling an urban look. The center of a pitched brick vault is no longer reliant on the center when bricks are placed vertically, leaning to a 90 degree angle.

Vault Ceiling Merits

Vaulted ceilings contribute to energy savings and green building by maximizing natural light. In addition to creating the illusion that a room is bigger, vaulted ceilings add an architectural feel to the room.

There is no better source of ventilation than vaulted ceilings. Additionally, this high-temperature and air rise area is capable of creating cool air. Almost any style of interior design can be incorporated into this ceiling.

It is possible to utilize dead space or open spaces in the ceiling by creating vault ceilings. Adding it to an open space adds a touch of elegance and a lavish appearance.

Vaulted Ceiling Demerits

Structural stability requires specific arch, rib, or roofing constructions. It is extremely expensive to maintain vaulted ceilings, and they require a lot of repairs. Remodeling projects should not be performed on these ceilings.

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Since these ceilings are too high and difficult to access, they are unsuitable for installing lighting fixtures, fans, or other decorative components. Repainting and cleaning the vaulted ceiling are very challenging tasks.

A Complete Guide to Vaulted Ceiling Types, Merits & Demerits