Earthwork Project Estimating

Softwares Earthwork Project Estimating

We offer precise & reliable computerized earthwork analysis and information service combined with unit cost information for surveyors, engineers, contractors and other land developers to perform an on-screen takeoff for cut and fill quantities, existing contours, proposed contours, spot elevations, and any sitework elements found on a set of blueprints using latest in Project Estimating software.

We will create a three-dimensional model of all the materials and procedures for a land development project to insure accuracy for earthwork calculations, stockpile volume calculation, utilities, concrete and asphalt measurement and estimate cost. We will provide a summary that incorporates variables affecting earthwork such as stripping loss, ground subsidence and earth shrinkage.

Land developers will get a concrete & accurate estimate of the quantity of dirt to be moved and whether the earthwork cut and fill volumes balance. Sub surface strata modeling based on geotechnical boring information can be displayed fast and accurately to calculate materials beneath the existing ground surface to give you the most accurate quantities possible.

You will achieve a final report containing project summary, cut and fill grid map, volume report, several 3D views and also material reports upon request.

Details of Earthwork takeoff services:-

  • We provide fast and accurate earthwork takeoffs including Earthwork Analysis and Volume Reports (1 to 3 days turnaround)
  • High quality drafting solutions for presentations, early design concepts, and project planning
  • Proficiently takeoff existing and proposed elevations, calculate grade, and quickly identify borings, substrata, swell, and yield.
  • Calculate the volume difference between the existing and proposed surfaces
  • Our Digital takeoff service perform a takeoff of anything found on a set of blueprints
  • Instantly calculate material quantities and tonnage for your building pads and parking lots Color coded cut / fill maps
  • Square Footage or Area Information
  • Earthwork Analysis includes in-depth study of geotechnical soils report
  • Balance import and export transitions by equalizing cut and fill processes
  • Minimize earthwork movements
  • Determine accurate construction project costs for civil and site work projects for bonding, bidding and project cost planning
  • You can easily trace in contour lines, topsoil stripping and re-spread areas, as well as input sub-grade and demolition areas, work areas and excluded areas.
  • Identify possible errors in the earthwork Project Estimating prepared by others
  • Complete material takeoffs (asphalt, rock, utilities, etc...)
  • Prevent low balling" and or potential lawsuits

    Estimates can be performed using

  • Market analysis
  • Flexible cost estimating & calculation
  • Price finalization
  • Tender identification
  • Bid strategizing
  • Bid quotes and letters
  • Digital take-off, quantity summaries
  • Project Estimating / verification
  • Plan take-off, quantity summaries
  • Subcontractor / Supplier Quotation Requests and Comparison
  • Pricing based upon customized production schedules, labor
  • Consolidation of costs
  • Review and negotiation
  • Client presentation preparation
  • Handover to construction team
  • Rrates and material & equipment pricing
  • Claims preparation
  • Project Set-up
  • Project Management