Make your estimating process better with Viewpoint for Estimating

Softwares Viewpoint For Estimating

Portland based Viewpoint Construction Software,, just launched the most updated version of Viewpoint For Estimating which can convey estimating data into the Viewpoint database and save huge time, minimize duplicate entry as well as enhance perfectness.

This latest construction application is ideal for general contractors, specialty trade contractors, sitework and excavating contractors to perform quick and precise takeoff, estimate and create winning bid for good revenue.

General contractors can increase their speed as takeoff data is drawn directly into the estimating progression, facilitating avoid the time and error of reentering information.

Specialty trade contractors can make calculations and extensions automatically, and contains multi-level breakouts, comprehensive databases, and reporting functions.

Viewpoint For Estimating offers digital takeoff method and the estimators can get rid of the sluggish, expensive, and burdensome paper plans. The estimator can enhance speed and lessen expensive omissions as all the measurements are completely perfect and performed in quickest possible time. The estimators will be able to accomplish takeoffs for on-target bids and tender more bids in quickest possible time.

The estimators can enjoy uninterrupted workflow as this construction application can generate detailed estimates equal to 10 times faster as compared to manual methods and spreadsheets.

Features at a glance:-

  • Quickly find out the cost of materials, labor and equipment required for any job Rationalized purchases and materials management as well as tools to study pricing on projects to settle on & focus on the vital aspects of jobs.
  • Cost jobs appropriately based on variables like workers’ skill, weather conditions, full-time and seasonal labor force, etc.
  • Rapidly consider ‘what-if’ scenarios to settle contracts.
  • With Shape Recognition tool, quantity counts become automatic by searching plans and annotating like symbols and shapes. While taking off original plans as well as modification of plans, the precision is enhanced and time is saved significantly.
  • Manage Sheet Revisions facilitate the users to competently evaluate old plans to newer versions in order to instantly preview modifications.
  • Create Building Information Modeling (BIM) files and leave out the takeoff process in general by smoothly importing and automatically populating an estimate with cost items and quantities.

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Make your estimating process better with Viewpoint for Estimating