Plexxis Software launches the beta version of Electronic Price Agreement (EPA) for construction estimators

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Plexxis Software introduces the Electronic Price Agreement (EPA) intended for the Drywall ERP estimating, digital takeoff, construction management software, and mobile app solution. It is still in beta stage. The estimator can apply it for getting the most updated material pricing for bids efficiently and precisely.

The application comes up with some intuitive features like filtering, sorting, automatic quantity conversion and material code matching standard. Another exclusive feature is the EPA Unit Of Measure Intelligence (UOMi) that aids estimators to forward a request concerning material pricing in the units of measure they prefer.

As for instance lineal feet or number of screws. The supplier will also able to provide pricing in their favorite units of measure like sheets or box of screws. The UOMi will provide huge benefits to both estimators and suppliers by converting as well as updating pricing easily and smoothly.

Plexxis is also planning to include some exclusive features like Bid Protection, Search & Suggest, Code Match etc.

Bid Protection will allow estimators to alter quantities a little or merge quantities from several bids with the intension of avoiding third parties from finding out projects that are being bid on.

and acquire the rapid item searches and the calculation of special offers outside of the estimators requests.

With Code Match the estimators can automatically matches their material codes with the codes utilized by the supplier. As a result both can immediately analysis items as required by them.

EPA beta testing is planned for 4 months. After that all Plexxis customers can utilize it for their work. To avail the demonstration of the product, wall and ceiling contractors can make contact with Plexxis. For getting more updates about the product visit the Plexxis website.