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Home Contracting Process


Constructing the own home is like shaping the most sought after dream.


First - Do a financial plan : The Financial Plan is the base of good contracting a home. Most of the people have restrained financial resource. Land cost, construction cost has to measure properly. It is need to do good cost estimation.


Second - Purchasing building lot : It is depending on how big home the owner wants to have. It is depending on which area they like and how pricy the lot is.


Third - Preparing plan : The Plan is actually the working documents of home builders. This thing demonstrates and informs how the home is to be built. Making the decisions to have a composite plan is very necessary.


Fourth - Cost Estimate : This is the most important part of home contracting process, the Cost Estimate is such a thing where a full list have to made of materials, supply matters, sub contractor's bid and many others.


Construction Schedule : This is a full schedule, showing diagrammatically the series of construction events.


Financing : The firm that engaged for the construction and enduring financing, now is the time to do it - after your lot is buy and your plans and stipulation are complete.



Contracts and Permits : After the tabling of plan and financial plan, its time to begin construction - This is the conclusion of the home contracting process. While the construction work is going on, the house owner is the ultimate boss of all the activities.


Home Contracting Process


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