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Contrary to what other industry professionals might say, a Quantity Surveyor is the best person to resolve a construction dispute due to their powers of negotiation, construction cost expertise and their training in contract law. Many Solicitors ultimately refer to a Quantity Surveyor or Expert Witness when the case goes to court.

High staff turnover within organisations, loss of paperwork, loss of information, miss-communication and miss-understanding over the contract etc. are all factors which create uncertainty over the agreement, and one crossed word or e-mail can often trigger a snowball effect, which ultimately leads to Contractors not getting paid, and 'clear up' notices being issued.

We have found through experience that in around 85% of cases, construction disputes can often be resolved amicably once facts are presented in a clear and logical manner, and construction law used (where necessary) to substantiate our reasoning.

Many contracts are formed using basic laws of offer and acceptance, others use the JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) or NEC (New Engineering Contract), to offer two examples. Regardless of the type of contract forming the agreement, it is inevitable that on occasion disputes will occur. We offer an affordable solution, which seeks to resolve disputes in one hit, before costly adjudication, mediation or legal action are deemed necessary.

We seek to gather the facts applicable to the life of the project up to commencement of dispute, then once gathered, we present in a logical substantiated order that the other party can easily understand and cannot fail but to acknowledge the validity of reasoning.

We are skilled negotiators and experts in construction law, so regardless of your dispute, appointment of our services often results in a large increase in value disproportionate to the cost of our services.



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