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How Simple Earth Blocks can transform the building construction process to a new level


Pemba, a small Tanzanian island off of Africa's Eastern coast, is applying a useful construction material that can make a sea change in construction industry.


This newest construction material is used in constructing the new type of informal accommodation in the island.


In order to improve the durability & stability of the homes of the islanders, Canadian NGO Community Forests International is developing a solution that blends the economy and sustainability of wattle & daub with the strength of masonry: Interlocking Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks (ISCEBs). This simple technology can provide great impact on the building construction methods.



The compressed earth blocks are formed by packing a manually operated machine involving clay, sand and some lime for stabilization and produce a quicker as well as highly robust construction as compared to conventional earth construction methods.


Besides, the machine that is utilized to make the compressed earth blocks, includes the option to place in hollow channels in the blocks for generating ventilation bricks to enhance the condition of living inside new buildings.


GTo be successful in their purposes, both in offering compressed earth blocks and all their other projects, Community Forests International is presently conducting an Indiegogo campaign. One can donate here, or follow their blog or facebook page for more information.


How Simple Earth Blocks can transform the building construction process to a new level
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