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Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures – An exclusive ebook for civil & structural engineers



N. Subramanian has written an exclusive ebook alias “Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures”. This construction ebook is intended to fulfill the requirements of the students who desire to register their names with the undergraduate civil and structural engineering programs.


The book primarily focuses on the design of Reinforced Concrete Structures with emphasis on concrete properties, structural elemental designs together with compression and tension members, beams and slabs and flexure designing, shear torsion, uni-axial and biaxial bending and interaction amid such forces.


In each chapter there are solved examples, review questions, practice questions together with plentiful examples supported with brief texts, a massive list of addendums on strut-and-tie-method, soil properties, as well as realistic tips and tricks which enhance the intensity of the contents in the book.

Besides, there are discussions on chemical admixtures, water, mineral admixtures, cement hydration, concrete types, sifcon and simcon, ferrocement, steel reinforcing, corrosion of rebars, cube and cylinder tests which are given in Chapter 1. In chapter 2, there are topics like floor and roof systems, basic structural elements and other such associated studies.

The contents of the book adheres to the present Indian code of practice (IS 456: 2000). Some of the obsolete provisions are substituted with the American code provisions.


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Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
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